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Post  Surucko88 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:03 am

Name :Jason Hernandez

Age :14


In Game Name:Surucko

Years/Months playing BYOND:1 Year 8 Monthes

Weeks playing Bleach S.O.L.E:
3 Days
Special Talents (ie. Coding, Pixel art, Mapping, GFX)None Jus Like Helping People In game

Why are you applying for staff on Bleach S.O.L.E? (Please do not say because the current staff are inept.)I just Like Helping ppl but not wth the gm power but like finding stuff they need except for helping them in stuff im not suppose to help dem in

Timezone :North America The Current Time in
Virginia is:

3:02 am

Country :U.S.A

Languages spoken :
Spanish English
Hobbies :Art,Playing Games,Soccer Player,BaseBall player,Like Having Fun and Helping Friends in Stuff

Staff Experience (with a reference please.) :

Short description of your personality :Happy and Always Relaxed Always in agood Mood but when im mad i dont talk barely


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